'Mustn't complain' - but people always do...Nobody likes The Complaints - they're the cops who investigate other cops. Complaints and Conduct Department, to give them their full title, but known colloquially as 'The Dark Side', or simply 'The Complaints'. It's where Malcolm Fox works. He's just had a result, and should be feeling good about himself. But… [more]

I’m a discerning crime and thriller junkie; the writing has to be good as well as the story. Ian Rankin doesn’t disappoint.

Rankin fans should be aware that this is not a Rebus novel.

From the Guardian Review ... “Fox works in the Complaints & Conduct department of the force, colloquially known as “the complaints”, in the section dedicated to the sniffing out of the most serious offences – racism and corruption. This he does with honesty and persistence, accepting that to work in “the complaints” is to be a pariah to your colleagues.”

2009 Orion edition printed by Griffin Press.

Amie Yee

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