Nobody likes The Complaints--they're the cops who investigate other cops. It's a department known within the force as "The Dark Side," and it's where Malcolm Fox works. He's a serious man with a father in a nursing home and a sister who persists in an abusive relationship, frustrating problems about which he cannot seem to do anything. Then the… [more]

I’m a discerning crime and thriller junkie; the writing has to be good as well as the story. Ian Rankin doesn’t disappoint.

Rankin fans should be aware that this is not a Rebus novel.

From the Guardian Review ... “Fox works in the Complaints & Conduct department of the force, colloquially known as “the complaints”, in the section dedicated to the sniffing out of the most serious offences – racism and corruption. This he does with honesty and persistence, accepting that to work in “the complaints” is to be a pariah to your colleagues.”

2009 Orion edition printed by Griffin Press.

Amie Yee

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